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andisaid's Journal

23 June
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Bio-ish type paragraph
I'm not very good at writing bios. I probably spend too much money on books. Feel free to recommend me something to read. I love recommendations. I have a love/eep! relationship with fandom. Sometimes it's great and fun and other times I'd rather hide out and lurk around rather than interact. I suppose I can be fairly elusive at times. I think I'm friendly enough and usually get along with others. I don't like conflict or any sort of drama. I can be oddly private at times and very open at others. I have bendy toes and fingers. I can also be pretty random. As you can see, I can be long winded and prone to babbling. I probably don't act my age, and more often than not, don't really care. :P I sometimes think I like attention but once in the lime light I realize being under such scrutiny freaks me out. Then I hide. ._.

How do you say your name?
Diania is pronounced like the name "Diana" but spelled with an extra "i" because the spelling gods frowned on my birth. English is not my mother's native language and my dad....just isn't good at spelling. Or it was a misprint on my birth certificate that stuck. I don't think I'll ever "correct" it because I like the fact that I've never meet another "Diania." Hopefully it'll stay that way too.

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